Partial Video of Panels

The 5G Era: Transforming Business, Industries & Society

NMLC2020 Will Rural & Underserved Communities Lacking Access Attain Media Literacy?

IEEE- Section 7

Facial Recognition, Law Enforcement and Massive Surveillance: Ethical or Unjust?

Can mobile devices help translate the Black Lives Matter movement and social activism into real change for Black Americans?

Can we alleviate racism and systemic inequality by expanding broadband during COVID-19?

Tech, Privacy, and Bias in the COVID Era (with Dr. Nicol Turner Lee, Brookings, TechTank)

An AI National Strategy for Congress

Webinar — STEM perspectives in America’s workforce | LIVE STREAM

Why the world is at a turning point with artificial intelligence and what to do about it

Bridging the Digital Divide How to Promote Broadband Adoption During the Pandemic and Beyond

Campfire: Digital Equity, Social + Racial Justice

What does the future of an ever-connected world look like?

What does the Digital Normal look like after COVID-19?

iSchool Panel Discussion – Confidence in Institutions in a Time of Mistrust – University of Maryland

Public Input on Platform Algorithms: The Role of Transparency and Feedback in High-Tech

Webinar: Race, artificial intelligence, and systemic inequalities

The Digital Divide

Addressing the Technology Homework Gap

AI Symposium Criminal Justice Panel

Dialogue on Diversity — COVID-19: Science & Social Justice, June 29th, 2020

iSchool Panel Discussion

Webinar: Global China — Assessing China’s technological reach in the world: Part 1

Webinar: Telehealth before and after COVID-19

Webinar: How to reform American government


COVID-19 and Telehealth: A New Era In Virtual Care

Joint Center Policy Forum with FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks on COVID-19 and the Digital Divide

Video: Algorithmic Amplification, Misinformation, & Hate Speech in the Pandemic

Webinar: Public health surveillance, AI bias, and risks to privacy in the fight against COVID-19

Webinar: What’s being done to address the growing US digital divide

What do the GDPR and CCPA mean for privacy in America?

The ethical algorithm

What to expect from the 2020 State of the Union

Nicol Turner Lee talks about bias in AI

Enabling opportunities: 5G, the internet of things, and communities of color

How the U.S. and China can compete and cooperate on artificial intelligence

How will a national data privacy law affect connected devices, applications, and the cloud?

Artificial Intelligence

2019 Wall Street Project Economic Summit – State of Telecom & Tech Industries


How Can Libraries Help Close the Digital Divide?
VOICE Summit VED Talks 2019: Nicol Turner-Lee – July 24 NATOA 2019 – KEYNOTE LUNCHEON featuring Nicol Turner-Lee, Brookings

Congressional Testimony and C-Span

Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence: Where We Are and the Next…

C-Span Appearances

Inclusion in Tech: How Diversity Benefits All Americans